[4K] GTA 5 ULTRA REALISTIC Graphics MOD | Photorealistic Graphics

The Grand Theft Auto V modding community is ever-growing and every year we get more spectacular mods. This year, EliteRK from the GTA Modding Community released a new mod for GTA V made with the Make Visuals Great Again mod. My new GTA V Ultra Real Graphics Mod 2017 in 4k really takes the graphics up a notch and feedback has been overwhelmingly good.
Reviews of Make Visuals Great Again GTA V mod are also very positive. Many players reported being able to use the GTA V mod without much effect on fps and also on laptops. Further feedback on the mod mentioned breathtaking landscapes and great balance with lighting and in particular brightness. Many players are also using mods we’ve spoken about before such as the LSPD First Response Mod and report better lighting on authority vehicles.
The Video Here-

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